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    lbs of carbon damage offset with UNDO LACES

    Change your Laces in Seconds!

    What's the pain point in changing your shoelaces? Taking the old ones off and putting the new ones on. Same with us. With mini magnets installed in both ends of the shoelace and an easy mechanical twist, we designed a product that’s easy to replace and practical to use.
    Here’s how you replace an UNDO Lace with another UNDO Lace:  You simply take the old one off, the new will be automatically in. Don't believe it? Here's a short video on it:

    A "new" Shoe everyday

    With simply changing the UNDO Laces of your choice, you can make the same shoes fit any occasion. As the latest accessory on the fashion arena, UNDO laces promise you a new shoe each and every day.


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